Wednesday, 25 November 2015

PA topic 22 - Masterboards

You can tell by how quickly (for me) I've made my entry for the current Paperartsy challenge how much I enjoy making Masterboards.  I usually stamp random images and colour them in but this time I've braved a spot of brayering.

This is the first couple of layers and where I usually declare it a "right old mess" and give up. 

Any way I carried on adding a couple of lighter colours and stamping, in ink and paint.  Lastly for a Christmassy feel I added a few snowflakes with bonding powder and silver foil - afraid these don't show up very well here.  I can see I need to persevere when making these as I quite like the end result below.


These are the paints and stamps I've used.

                                                                                                                                                Now the fun part of making the masterboard into cards - I ended up with 4 and a tag !  I might actually end up with enough to send at this rate ! 

Thanks for looking xx

PA topic 21 - Abstract

Not a topic I'm ever sure about - either creating or to look at. But after seeing some of the lovely pieces of art people have produced I thought "why not give it a go ".  Hopefully this isn't too simple to be included as I quite liked it at this point and didn't want to spoil it.

Afraid I've no step by step photos as I just went for it - love the foil when it catches the sun.  I might try something like this again as it was fun to do what ever came to mind

Thank you for looking x

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wearable Art #2- Reusable Bag

My second entry for the current PaperArtsy topic of wearable art is partly down to the charge on plastic bags that came into effect this week - I thought if I made something bright and cheery I might actually remember to take it with me 😊

I used a pre made bag and with the new limited edition and blueberry frescos, mixed with fabric medium, stamped the flowers and stencilled the border.  The bag is made of quite a heavy weave cotton so the stamping hasn't come out very clear in places - just adds to the handmade quality. To add a bit more interest I added buttons to the flower centres and sewed a length of ribbon along the top edge.

I've just noticed you can see part of a cushion I made recently so here's the whole thing - I've just rediscovered my passion for sewing so it's hard to fit in everything I want to make at the moment.

Thank you for popping by xx

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wearable Art - Bangle

The current topic over at Paperartsy is wearable art - see here. I've several projects in mind and just hope I have time to work on them this week.

My first entry is a bangle - unfortunately I didn't take any in progress photos. This started life as a plain wooden bangle, which I painted in Honey Dew.  Next I stamped and painted a strip of tissue using a mix of paints and ink.  This was then glued to the bangle and the whole thing cover in gloss glaze.

Thank you for looking x

Friday, 25 September 2015

Brushos for Paperartsy challenge #17

I've had a couple of pots of these wonderful pigment sitting in my drawer for months - after seeing Sam Butlers samples I found the courage to use them . I firstly used them to tint some texture paste which I applied through stencil

Next I had a go at stamping and sprinkling them through a stencil and spritzing with water - great fun but a bit messy, or is that just me ?  I've some thin sterile gloves ready for next time 

Lastly I sprinkled some powder onto some white card and spritz with water - once dry I stamped the images and cut them out. These were attached with foam pads for dimension and the butterflies glazed.

Thank you for looking x

Saturday, 8 August 2015

PaperArtsy Flowers

What a great topic - so many ideas and so little time.  My piece was inspired by a canvas I made in a JOFY workshop a while ago and also the lovely crackle on Deborah Wainwrights Floral canvas. How   I've missed this effect

My background is stone over mud splat FF paint.  I found a wonderful old book a while ago and have used a page from this as the background to tie in with the floral theme. I stamped a number of JOFY images and painted using translucent paints.

I forgot to take any pictures part way through but here is the finished project.

thank you for popping by xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

PaperArtsy #11 Hidden Objects

There has been some truly amazing projects for the Hidden Object theme over the last two week - see the original post here.

My sister's birthday is coming up soon and she's asked for money to put towards something bigger - I didn't want to pop this inside her card so came up with the below wallet idea. This has three hidden pockets into which I'm going to hide the money and also a couple of baby photos just for fun - well fun for me and it is her 40th !

I've decorated the front and back of each panel of the wallet with brayered and stamped wax paper and some die cut butterflies. 


Thank for looking  Sx

Saturday, 6 June 2015

PA challenge #10 - Bottles

Well I had very good intentions of transforming a lovely shaped bottle I've had for ages - it got as far as my desk but then the ideas stopped.

So I dug out my long neglected journal. I used the bottle images from Hot picks 1109 - some stamped directly onto the page and some onto a spare piece of card - these were later enhanced using glossy accents.

I then had one of those "happy accident" moments - I stamped a couple of moths onto the sky area.  I thought the FF paint was completely dry but it must have been slightly damp as the ink started to fade into the background.  The end result is a blurred image that gives the feeling of the moths being in the distance.

I finished the page using a few die cut flowers (some on vellum that are them heat embossed - love this effect) and a few buttons.

thank you for stopping by  Sarah x

Sunday, 24 May 2015

PA Challenge #9 Words

All my crafting time has been taken up with birthday cards recently but I wanted to join in this challenge as I had a stamp in mind ready to use. Love this quote ;

CREATIVITY is allowing yourself to make mistakes. ART is knowing which ones to keep.

I've put together a small tag using using my favourite blue FF paints with a touch of stencilling.  To add a bit more depth I've added some pearl dots and silver swirls.  Sorry for the quick post but wanted to add my entry before I forgot.

thank you for looking xx

Thursday, 7 May 2015

PA challenge #8 - sprays

I was a bit unsure whether to enter this challenge as sprays and me don't mix very well  - basically I'm just too messy - it took 3 days for the ink to wash off my hands lol

Anyway I've made a tag as my entry combining Cosmic Shimmer sprays and watered down fresco paint. I've alternated the layers using various stencils - unfortunately the photos don't pick up the gorgeous shimmer.

I'd used a number of baby wipes to clean up I let a couple dry and cut out the flower then leaves from card sprayed in the same colours.

thank you for looking x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Grunge Paste #2 - Shells

Well if yesterday's post was a quick one this one a super quick one - this is my second entry to the PaperArsty challenge details can be seen here.

My first was using GP in the traditional way through a stencil for this post I wanted to try something different.  I bought this little silicon mould a couple of weeks ago and wondered if GP would work in it - took a while to dry out but I'm really happy with my little shells.

thank you for looking...xx

Thursday, 2 April 2015

PA Topic 6 - Grunge Paste

The latest theme for the PaperArtsy challenge is the use of grunge paste or similar medium - full details can be found here.

Afraid this is quick post as I wanted to get my entry in before we go away for the weekend.  I've used the GP for the stencilled leaves in the background - with added texture from lightly dabbing the paste with my finger whilst still wet.  Everything was then painted in Antarctic and the stencilled areas dried brushed with Lake Wanaka.  I also used GP tinted with Inky Pool to stencil in the wording.

To finish I painted some splodges of green and pinks onto to card and then cut out the stamped the flowers and leaves.

I think this is the third Ikea mirror I've transformed - I wonder how many have been purchased for the same reason? I can't believe anyone would leave them plain white .......

Happy Easter everyone xx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miniature Book

This is my second entry to the current PaperArtsy challenge of all things Miniature - see here for full details

This time I've gone for a small folding book of pictures.  I've used the brayered background I made on Sunday (thanks Leandra for the lesson) for one side and plain white card for the other - in between the 2 I've sandwiched a length of ribbon to hold everything together and to enable me to fold it up.

I then looked through my JOFY stamps for the smallest ones to fit the pages ( they're 6x7 cm) and coloured them with a mixture of translucent paints. For the front cover I stamped and cut out 3 flowers.

thank you for stopping by xx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Paperartsy Topic 4 - miniature

Just a quick post this morning before heading off to Stamperama - can't wait to meet up with other Patwits.

I've chosen a small treasure chest for my entry this week - it measures just 5cm tall.  Afraid there's no step my step pics as I just kept building up layers until I got the look I was after.  The treasure gold hi-lights show up much better in reality than in the photos.

To finish off I made a small map and added my own "treasure"

thank you for looking x