Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wearable Art #2- Reusable Bag

My second entry for the current PaperArtsy topic of wearable art is partly down to the charge on plastic bags that came into effect this week - I thought if I made something bright and cheery I might actually remember to take it with me 😊

I used a pre made bag and with the new limited edition and blueberry frescos, mixed with fabric medium, stamped the flowers and stencilled the border.  The bag is made of quite a heavy weave cotton so the stamping hasn't come out very clear in places - just adds to the handmade quality. To add a bit more interest I added buttons to the flower centres and sewed a length of ribbon along the top edge.

I've just noticed you can see part of a cushion I made recently so here's the whole thing - I've just rediscovered my passion for sewing so it's hard to fit in everything I want to make at the moment.

Thank you for popping by xx


  1. I love your bag and cushion, Sarah, it's a great idea to have another bag for life especially now,

    Lucy x

  2. Pretty the bag design and fabulous you use of the new colours. The cushion is amazing!! xx

  3. A wonderful bag (and pillow)!!!!

  4. These are just lovely - I'm hopeless with fabric and sewing, and just love seeing others in action.

    Thanks for your lovely comment at PA - I'm afraid there's no clever trick to attaching the bottles - it's a very thin line of glue applied to the very edges and then some patient holding them in place until they're secure enough to balance something on top to weight them down while the glue dries fully. The acrylic packaging is pretty sturdy, so I balanced some half empty Fresco paint pots on the bottles. Hope that helps!
    Alison x