Friday, 3 April 2015

Grunge Paste #2 - Shells

Well if yesterday's post was a quick one this one a super quick one - this is my second entry to the PaperArsty challenge details can be seen here.

My first was using GP in the traditional way through a stencil for this post I wanted to try something different.  I bought this little silicon mould a couple of weeks ago and wondered if GP would work in it - took a while to dry out but I'm really happy with my little shells.

thank you for looking...xx


  1. Ohh wow, fantastic idea. Love your shells and your creation, Sarah

  2. Wonderful piece Sarah! Great idea and nice effected the bubbles in the shells. xx

  3. That is way cool!!!!! I have molds, I have grungepaste :)

  4. Wondering how long these took to dry Sarah? Love you can use GP this way i usually use a glue gun but will try your method as i love the fact that the shells are not perfect, beautiful tag :-) xxx

    1. thanks Mo - I left them over night - the thin ones were completely dry but the thicker 2 needed a bit longer xx

  5. Love the shells Sarah I had a similar idea for mine and it works really well doesn't it. Love the colours of the shells x