Sunday, 28 July 2013

Table decorations inspired by Darcy at PA

After seeing all the amazing items created by Darcy week ( see the PaperArtsy blog) I had to have a go at a couple of things. Afraid I've still a way to be before I cam host a party but here's a start with a cupcake box (unfortunately minus the cake!) and a pot of flowers.  The pot of flowers started life as a container for cotton buds, a few straws and a couple of sheets of patterned paper !

I watched Lin Brown demo-ing at Colemans Warehouse yesterday (she has such a wonderful way with colour and makes everything look so easy). I treated myself to a new set of stamps so I can have a go at her 2 tone flowers on black card. Just need to time to go with them !

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Paint Combination Tags

If you haven't popped over to PaperArtsy do so NOW !!!  Darcy Wilkinson has been on fire this week - her projects have been truly inspirational !  For now I only had time to have a go at the tags. I think my favourite is the scraped one in Mud Splat, Honey Dew and Blood Orange (messy but worth it). Followed by Mud Splat and Pansy - thought I think this more to do with the chocolate bar connotations rather than the colours.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Shrink Plastic Charms

I've dabbled with SP before, without much success. But after reading this weeks comments on Paperartsy following Carol Quance's project it looks like I'm not alone.
Anyway here's my attempt at making charms, I didn't have enough to make into a bracelet so added a few other bits & bobs and went with a bag charm. Not perfect but I've learnt alot in the process.  I did have a problem with the paint flaking when I shrank the SP so if anyone has some tips for next time.  (promise I wont use green or blue next week lol)


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tag Screen Inspired by Sue Carrington

Sue has shared 3 fantastic projects over at Paper Artsy this week - click here to see.
I'll definitely be having a go at the frame another day but in the meantime have made my version of the tag screen.
I already had the 4 individual tags and joined them when finished with a sheet of card scored just wider than the tags to give a neat border. I kept to a limited pallet of Honey Dew and Tinned Peas fresco paints with just a smidge of Mud Splat. The script was my first go at using bonding powder and foil - this is sure to be a frequent feature on my projects now. All finished off with a  bit of random stamping and the phrase "Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter".