Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wearable Art - Bangle

The current topic over at Paperartsy is wearable art - see here. I've several projects in mind and just hope I have time to work on them this week.

My first entry is a bangle - unfortunately I didn't take any in progress photos. This started life as a plain wooden bangle, which I painted in Honey Dew.  Next I stamped and painted a strip of tissue using a mix of paints and ink.  This was then glued to the bangle and the whole thing cover in gloss glaze.

Thank you for looking x


  1. Ooh I love this Sarah! So effective and wearable. Hope you get to do your other pieces too!

    Lucy x

  2. Beautiful the bangle Sarah!! Pretty image and very wearable.

  3. Ooh love this bangle, I would buy one of these xx

  4. very pretty....I have big hands so can't wear anything that doesn't is fabulous Sarah!x