Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PaperArtsy - Shiny Stuff Project

My first thought after reading this challenge were, I can't wait to get started. But where to start ?  - foils, mega flakes, beads, glitter, treasure gold, gems, metal .................
Once I'd gathered my thoughts this is my first (hopefully, time permitting) project.  Sorry for the lack of photos, I nearly finished before I remembered.

This was made from a die cut embossed piece of card, painted black. I then used a clear embossing pad and bonding powder on the raised areas and then applied shiny foils in several colours.  The edges were hi-lighted in treasure silver.

I then added a silver flower to the centre and a ribbon hanger,  To add a little more shine and bling I then attached 3 bead dangling chains to the bottom.

thank you for stopping by to look x



  1. Love the colours you have used in your piece, and those beads will really catch the light. I used to work in Thrapston many moons ago before I moved back home to Surrey!

    1. thanks for your lovely comments - isn't it a small world and my in-laws live in Surrey !

  2. A gorgeous piece of work - I love the bling and dangly bits, and you've achieved a lovely effect with the foils. Fabulous and shiny!

  3. Hi Sarah, I love the the shimmery shiny effects on this very pretty piece. The dangling pendant like pieces are just lovely. xx

  4. Your metal rose is excellent! Love the foil technique too but I'm not fond of bonding powder as it's very temperamental (or at least the one I have). Lovely hanging and the pendants finish it off beautifully.

  5. Great project! I am with you regarding what to do - so many choices. Love what you came up with - the colors are beautiful!
    xx Lynn

  6. Love the combination of colours. Pretty little piece Sarah, really like it! Xx

  7. Lovely project Sarah! Great shiny work and fab embellishments. xx