Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Darcy's Calendar Challenge

Got round to my January page at long last.  I've learnt 2 things during this challenge - my small calendar doesn't in fact make the transformation easier (harder in fact as it's more fiddly) and I'm a messy worker who had paint on January to April so I had to tear out my page !

Darcy's challenge see here for details was to use crackling and book text - I've decided to use both on the border of the page.  I painted on an orange base coat and French roast  FF over the crackle glaze.  I then washed the book text with Chutney FF and cut out 1cm edging strips and punch a stack of little flowers to frame the main picture.

thank you for looking xx


  1. Laughing at your description of being a messy crafter and having paint on your pages from Jan to April lol, great post Sarah! your January page is awesome, love the book page frame and those flowers which must have take you ages to do :-) xxx

    1. thank you so much - you saw see my journal too lol - much safer to work on a separate piece and glue it in x

  2. I have been adding a think layer of matte gel to each page to prime it.. and I soon found 6 months were all glued together lol

    Fab crackling and borders, that circlet of little text flowers is just so lovely.

  3. Oh Wow Sarah! That looks the flowers circling the image :D XXX

  4. This is lovely Sarah! The frame and flowers really compliment the image.

    Lesley Xx

  5. For someone who doesn't like using orange you have done a good job x

  6. Fabulous page Sarah! Great crackle and Pretty orange flowers circle, It make her more bright. xxx

  7. Beautiful! Love the frame you made - really does make the eye focus on her beauty! Chrisx

  8. wonderful calendar & yeah the little thing = fiddly lol

    you did a great job on pulling the eye straight into her beauty ^5