Sunday, 12 January 2014

Springy Doll !

This post is also inspired by Clare Lloyd the GD at PaperArtsy this week, see Clare's altered spool here.

I wanted to have a go at something quite out of my comfort zone - both in colour (orange is normally my last choice to work with) and also design (not very good with faces for some reason, must relate to something deep in my childhood). So this posed a problem as I didn't have a suitable face stamp to use = a bit of freehand drawing (yikes!).  The body and movable arms,attached with tiny brads, are adapted from HP1004. For colours I've kept to Hey Pesto, Tango and Sky.     

The whole thing is put together in a similar way as Clare's but using the flowers from the same stamp set for the top and bottom of the spool. 

I've great fun creating this - thanks Clare !


  1. I love this doll, especially the petal arms and the great colour combo! Julie Ann xx

  2. such a fun piece, it will make you smile everytime you go past it lol

  3. It's a lovely doll Sarah. I like idea and great colours combo. xx