Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas House !

Beginning to feel a bit Christmassy  - Jo Myhill and Darcy Wilkinson have showed us some really imaginative projects over at PaperArtsy this week, see here. I was inspired to work on the house that been on my desk for months now.
This had a coat of Tinned Peas, crackle glaze and the Honey Dew.  The top and sides were stencilled with a spot of GP and then blended in with some more Honey Dew.  I've also added some treasure gold hi-lights.
I was a bit stuck when it came to the decorations as mine as still safely stashed away in the loft, so I decided to make my own to add to the bauble I made last week.  OK, I cheated with the robin  - couldn't resist him when I was shopping earlier.
All the decorations are removable as I might give it a make over after Christmas!



  1. looks really cool, these houses are so versatile. I am thinking of doing one with removable 'wallpaper' inside so it can be swapped out for different occasions lol

  2. Love it, the crackle looks amazing. Jo xx

  3. Wonderful Christmas house. Constitution and colours is great and beautiful.
    I could see the skinny lemon :) and what is the red chest bird's name? So pretty!

    Have a happy Christmas. Etsuko xx

    1. thanks Etsuko - the bird is a robin and always associated with Christmas here. Happy Christmas to you too Sarah xx

  4. This is terrific, Sarah; such fun!

    Lucy x

  5. Really lovely and Christmassy! That Crackle looks fabulous! I am now really feeling in a Christmas mood! Julie Ann xx

  6. Cracking house, love the way you filled it too. And you're right it is a great idea to make the decoration removable, so you can change it according to season or fancy.