Sunday, 28 July 2013

Table decorations inspired by Darcy at PA

After seeing all the amazing items created by Darcy week ( see the PaperArtsy blog) I had to have a go at a couple of things. Afraid I've still a way to be before I cam host a party but here's a start with a cupcake box (unfortunately minus the cake!) and a pot of flowers.  The pot of flowers started life as a container for cotton buds, a few straws and a couple of sheets of patterned paper !

I watched Lin Brown demo-ing at Colemans Warehouse yesterday (she has such a wonderful way with colour and makes everything look so easy). I treated myself to a new set of stamps so I can have a go at her 2 tone flowers on black card. Just need to time to go with them !


  1. Beautiful projects Sarah ! I agree, Lin does make it look very easy ! In answer to your question, the finer the fabric the easier it is to stamp on it. The material I used for last night's project is a cheap cotton sheet that I bought purely for crafting with. Hope this helps ! Sue C x

  2. Absolutely grand -- you are taking to this stuff like a duck takes to water!!