Sunday, 11 May 2014

Card inspired by Liesbeth Fidder

There's been so many inspiring posts at Paperartsy this week - unfortunately not much time to try any of the techniques.  Just had time for a little card inspired by sewing themed tin by Liesbeth Fidder. I so wanted to try burning a tin but me and fire just do not go !
I love these stamps and don't use then nearly enough so thank you Liesbeth x


  1. Know what you mean about the fire... Love the card though, it's pretty and all the details say "sewing".

  2. Oooh love the little scissor embellishment, so pretty! Love your card and the colour scheme. All of your embellishments are wonderful.

    Jut tried to burn tins on a tiny barbeque, the cheap ones from Pound store. Works ok and has burnt the tins but not charred as the ones on the big fires.
    :-) xxx

    1. thank you - that's what I call dedication ! x

  3. Wow, your card is wonderful Sarah ! Love it !

  4. Such a pretty and feminine card, Sarah. Sorry I'm late commenting tonight. I've been helping my daughter apply for her internship. I'm rewarding myself with looking at all the lovely work on the PA blog, including this beautiful card! Julie Ann xxx