Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fabric Painting inspired by Liz Borer

The wonderful thing about following the fantastic PaperArtsy blog is the wide range of work you get to see from their guests. This week is the turn of Liz Borer, check out her projects here.
From following this blog I've attempted projects/techniques I wouldn't have otherwise thought of or wouldn't have had the courage to have a go at.

Liz has made some beautiful projects this week with fabric.  So armed with a value brand pillow case as my material off I started - very nervously to begin with.

Here's the initial stamping using 2 of the JOFY stamps sets;

Then the finished painted panel - not sure how I'm going to use it yet, I think may be frame it as a picture. I was thinking a cushion front but then I couldn't wash it.  I would like to find out what paint to use that would give a permanent on say aprons, cushions etc.

The paints I've used are;

Butterflies - moon light and eggplant
Leaves - tinned peas
Flowers - claret and butternut
Background - honey dew, hey pesto, butternut and moon light

To finish off I've made a couple of buttons and hi-lighted the large flowers with some gold seed beads.

Thank you Liz for the inspiration and great tutorial.


  1. What a great project! Have to say this week's theme proved waaaay over my head so hats off to you for having a go. I think it would look fab in a frame.

    Emma x

  2. The painting is great, I 'd be tempted to use it with a cushion or even as a decorative pillowcase. Fresco paints being acrylic they won't wash off, although they might fade, so as long as you used either Stazon, Archival, Brilliance or Crafters' inks (need to be heat set) it should wash OK.

    1. thanks for the tips - I wasn't sure if they would wash x

  3. Yes, well done for having a go this week, Sarah. Not sure if I'm going to have time to join in, but I have an idea to try! Your fabric looks great. I agree with Craftyfield that it would make a great cushion. Julie Ann xx

  4. Lovely background. I agree it would be a super cushion cover.

  5. Fabulous panel, Jofy's flowers is gorgeous color. I agree it would be a beautiful cushion.

  6. brilliant fabric painting, love the stamps you have used